This book answers all your credit repair questions in one book.
Credit Repair Ebook
Bad Credit Affects Employment

Many of our readers our blown away when they really think about the impact credit has on their lives. You'll soon see employment is one of those affected areas.

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Bad Credit Affects Buying Cars

Credit definitely affects the car you drive and the interest rate you receive on that car loan. So, if you have bad credit don't expect to get the car you want. Usually, the dealer will decide for you. 

Credit Boss
Bad Credit Affects House Buying

Lastly, if you have bad credit, you surely are not able to take part in the American dream of home ownership. Unless you have a lot of money saved up, it is all a dream.

Credit Repair Questions Answered.

Credit Boss The Book was written to answer most of the credit repair questions out there without having to sign up for a special expensive course. I'm not taking anything away from the course creators, but if I'm not mistaken, why would I pay $300 for a course that tells me the same thing in this book for $29? I would just pay all my creditors rather the debt is valid or not and just be done with it.

This book was written for the DIY individual who is just looking for the information, and then they can take the information, and apply it to improve their quality of life. Without spending $300 to $900 for a course or credit repair company.

Are Credit Repair Companies Legit?

Most Credit Repair Companies are legit. But many of them capitalize on you not knowing your rights as a consumer. We will explain much more in the book.

Can I Remove Collections From My Credit?

With the knowledge gained in this book you will successfully learn how to remove collections from your credit report legally and confidently. More will be explained in the book.

Can I Remove Late Pays From My Credit?

Slow pays, charge-offs, and others can be removed from your credit report in 30 days or less. We will explain this and many other methods in the book.
Which Credit Repair Company is Best?

This is one of the many questions that will be answered in this book. You will be surprised on the answer. But, remember this book was written for the DIY individual. If you would rather not do it on your own, then just pay somebody. We have the answer and many more to help you make a wise decision, and this way you are not just giving away your money.

Credit Repair Ebook
Credit Repair Ebook
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